Part I: Swimsuits worn in Barbados

I wasn’t sure if I should have made this a travel or fashion blog. I wanted to feature some of the places I went in Barbados but unfortunately, it was mostly partying so instead. I have created a short video from my insta-stores to share with you very soon. In the mean time, this is one of the many swimsuits I took with me on the trip. I will be posting a few more shortly. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! Swim featured is from Zaras . See links below for similar ones as this one may no longer be available online.

Photos were taken in Christ Church.

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Long Sexy Skirts are all the WAY IN!!!

I’ve been holding on to this beauty for about a year now…waiting for the right place to wear it. But I realized I should never wait for an occasion, I should wear whatever I want, where ever I want to. Tomorrow is not promised guys. Do not hold onto those things that you love, saving them for the perfect occasion, because that time may never come. Rock what ever you like, where ever you like, when ever you like!!!

PS: The top is from LF Stores but it is already sold out. I saw some kool ones that I would love to use to create one similar on Pretty Little Things. If I do a recreation, I’ll make sure to post some pics.

Btw, left links to similar skirts that I wanna rock below: Lets Rock’em together!! XOXOXO

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Another Ankara top by Yours Truly

After my recent post on IG featuring the yellow top on my previous blog post, I have been asked to show more of my creations. This is another top I made recently. I just returned from carnival in Barbados 2 days ago and plan to invest more time creating some more pieces. Please let me know if you would be interested in seeing any particular style and I will try to recreate. Leave me a comment with the style whether it is on Pinterest or another website or even IG. Thanks so much for stopping by! See you on my next post!!! XOXOXO

PS…the first photos were taken in Brooklyn while the others were while I was on vaca in Barbados.

For the links to what I am wearing; see below:

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Sexy Silk/Satin Dress

The whole silk/satin trend is so in right now and I can’t seem to get enough. I scored this beauty during the winter from Choosy but they no longer seem to have it in stock. Who knows, maybe they will bring it back. I searched for a few other dresses that are similar. See links below.

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Not boasting or anything, but I’ve traveled to quite a few places and Cuba is by far my fave vaca spot!!! Actually scratch that-second to Barbados (my hometown) Cuba is by far my fave vaca spot! Before the new embargo, I was able to spend a few days there to celebrate my birthday. Cuba has an old world charm appeal, with its beautifully crafted architectural buildings, with long winding staircases and gigantic ornate doors. It is also a place where men, especially, are in all their glory with every model of vintage car they can dream of. Best of all, for a few CUCs (Cuban money), one can take a spin around Old Havana with the rooftop down and enjoy the scenic views while basking in the beautiful sunlight; with a cool breeze coming off of the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean to cool you down. Below is a list of reasons why you should visit if you ever have the opportunity:

  • The people are kind, thoughtful, and very helpful;
  • The country is safe and have a very low crime rate;
  • The food served is organic (grown locally) and filled with flavor and also very inexpensive;
  • The country is safe and have a very low crime rate;
  • Beautiful beaches;
  • Vibrant night life;
  • Very reasonable accommodations; and The people are kind, thoughtful, and very helpful;
  • Vibrant night life;
  • Endless activities for tourists to take part in.
One of the highest peaks in Cuba
Everywhere you go there are beautiful vintage cars and I probably took a photo of each one I got close to.
Frolicking in a cave
Varadero Beach
Statue of Christ
One of the many buildings in Old Havana with ginormous doors
Every morning we were served the most delicious breakfast. I especially looked forward to the view and the pure goodness of the pineapple guava juice, which was freshly made each morning.

I am currently planning to go to my home country in a few days but would love to go to Thailand or one of the beautiful African countries soon. Do you have a list of places you want to travel to? If there was anywhere in the world you could travel to without any issues, where would that be? Leave your answer in the comment section below. Talk to you soon! XO

Who says Ankara fabrics can’t be sexy?!?! Featured top made by yours truly.

Who else loves Ankara prints??? Let’s not all answer at once…lol. I have been holding on to a few pieces of Ankara fabric for a few years now and only used them as head wraps but recently I decided to change that. Your girl has been sitting on her talent for way too long. You see, I studied fashion while living in Barbados. I also grew up in a household where everyone created designs for themselves as well as others so becoming a designer was only natural for me. For a few years prior to moving to the U.S., I was a fashion designer and had tons of clients who hated seeing me leave for the U.S. This was one of the most fulfilling times in my life. As life has it, starting over and building a new clientele here seemed a bit daunting so I opted to work for others and soon became a paralegal (I know this is the polar opposite from where I came from). However, lately I have been feeling the urge to get this going again so despite my busy schedule, I will be setting aside some time to focus on my passion. Hopefully, I can eventually take my dream and creativity to the next level.

Pants from Zara’s. Click image for details,

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