OOTD Labor Day Weekend

Just sharing my outfits for the pass Labor Day weekend! Links to items and similar items featured below.

Hanging out in Brooklyn and decided on a mini photo shoot after seeing this art work in Brownsville.
Kings Theater – Majah Hype Comedy Show
Rooftop party in Williamsburg

Florals and bright colors rule the Fall

As I mentioned in a previous post, florals and bright colors are everywhere for fall. I went into Zara and got a little carried away. I love flowers and couldn’t help myself. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I wanted them all!!! I fell in love with the fit of this floral pants, and double breasted dress. They both cinch nicely at the waist and would be very flattering on most figures. Once again, we see the return of the leg-o-mutton sleeve seen here on the yellow button-down sweater, which is also on the dress in my previous post. I have seen exaggerated sleeves on a few tops and dresses that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Fall is sure to be fun, despite the decreasing temperatures!

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Fall is the new Spring!

Though she’s not my favorite girl, by the looks of things, seems like Fall is trying to take over the Spring looks and dear I say, she can even put some pressure on Summer. I am in no means rushing fall because I know right behind her comes the terror called Winter. However, Zara’s have dropped some dope pieces featuring exaggerated sleeves, blooms of flowers and a mixture of other vibrant colors and patterns. Lets just say that this girl can’t get enough of’em. In this post I am paying homage to this black floral-print dress which reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s era, with the shorter hem, but these leg-o-mutton sleeves are er’ythang and dates back to the victorian era. I will be sharing a few other pieces with similar esthetics. I am so excited about these looks! They give me something to look forward to and also helps distract me from the colder weather to come.

I’ve left links to the dress below: Get yours before they are all gone and look out for my next looks coming soon…also from Zara’s.

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Long Sexy Skirts are all the WAY IN!!!

I’ve been holding on to this beauty for about a year now…waiting for the right place to wear it. But I realized I should never wait for an occasion, I should wear whatever I want, where ever I want to. Tomorrow is not promised guys. Do not hold onto those things that you love, saving them for the perfect occasion, because that time may never come. Rock what ever you like, where ever you like, when ever you like!!!

PS: The top is from LF Stores but it is already sold out. I saw some kool ones that I would love to use to create one similar on Pretty Little Things. If I do a recreation, I’ll make sure to post some pics.

Btw, left links to similar skirts that I wanna rock below: Lets Rock’em together!! XOXOXO

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Another Ankara top by Yours Truly

After my recent post on IG featuring the yellow top on my previous blog post, I have been asked to show more of my creations. This is another top I made recently. I just returned from carnival in Barbados 2 days ago and plan to invest more time creating some more pieces. Please let me know if you would be interested in seeing any particular style and I will try to recreate. Leave me a comment with the style whether it is on Pinterest or another website or even IG. Thanks so much for stopping by! See you on my next post!!! XOXOXO

PS…the first photos were taken in Brooklyn while the others were while I was on vaca in Barbados.

For the links to what I am wearing; see below:

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