Not boasting or anything, but I’ve traveled to quite a few places and Cuba is by far my fave vaca spot!!! Actually scratch that-second to Barbados (my hometown) Cuba is by far my fave vaca spot! Before the new embargo, I was able to spend a few days there to celebrate my birthday. Cuba has […]

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Hi luvs! I’m Gloria, thanks for stopping by. I am a lover of life and always seeking the next adventure. I love to travel, explore new places to eat and drink; and I am addicted to working out. I am originally from Barbados, where it is always 96 degrees in the shade, hence my burning hate for the colder months. My first love is fashion (have a degree in Fashion Design) and I often redesign clothes that I purchase and sometimes create some of my own pieces. Looking forward to sharing my life with you! This blog is about my experiences. I will be candid and share personal feelings and thoughts on various things I experience and would love it if you join me.

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