PEOPLE ARE OFTEN SURPRISED WHEN I TELL THEM I MY AGE! I will be 50 next year, but my goal is to be the best version of me no matter my age!

I have always loved working out, and I have often trained a few friends who would sometimes come to the gym with me, but never had I imagined actually training others as a part of my weekly/daily routine. I’m sure that many of you who love working out were very disappointed when all/or most gyms were mandated to close their doors this Spring. It could not have happened at a worse time.

This was the time of the year that most people either join the join or recommit to working out more. You just imagine how many gym of us who love working out, or who go to the gym regularly, must have felt. I did not know how I was going to stay motivated, but I knew I was not going to sit around and do nothing.

I always posted some of my workout routines while at the gym to my stories, so I decided I would try to not only show clips of my workouts, but I would often list what I was doing, as well as how many reps/rounds or minutes I spent. I’d often get DMs for tips or comments on my workout, but it was only with Monroe Steele of Fashion Steele NYC, asked to join me on a zoom workout class, that this idea was formed. In fact, it was Monroe, who pushed me to do this. At first, there was this voice in my head that said, no way! You’re gonna suck at teaching others to workout! That voice almost convinced me that I could not do it, but Monroe’s encouragement and excitement after working out with me a few days that week, pushed me to do this and I am sincerely thankful.

Not only is teaching others rewarding because of the way it makes others feel, but there is a since of accountability from each other to keep pushing through. I know that most of the ladies who currently workout with me probably feel motivated by me, but I am truly motivated by each of them! I am so happy that I have started this journey, and I’m especially grateful to each of them for trusting in me. When I get positive feedback after a workout, no one can ruin the rest of my day because it puts me on a high that no one can take away!

I currently host classes on weekdays; Tue – Fri for at 7:30 EST for 30 mins and Sat and Sun at 10:00 AM EST. If you are reading this, and you are looking for a way to tone, or lose weight and you have 30 minutes a day and/or 1 hour on Saturdays/Sundays, feel free to reach out to me for more information. Each class requires a mat, and though no equipment is required, having a pair of dumbbells, a kettle bell, weight bar, any form or weight and/or a band, is recommended.


  1. I am constantly hearing Monroe Steele speak of your class that she has inspired me. Can you let me know how I can join Thank you!


    1. Hi love, I am so sorry for the delayed respond. I really need to monitor my blog page a little better. Thanks so much for reaching out. Please send me an email to I’ll give you all the details. Hope to hear from you soon!


  2. Hi!
    I apologize I am writing you again, however I may have missed your email or perhaps it’s lost in Spam. While watching Monroe Steele and her share about your workouts, I thought to write again and get information on your classes! I will absolutely be sure to look out for your response. I look forward to hearing from you again.😊

    Thanks & Have a fantastic day!


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