Would you believe I paid only 10 bucks for this gorgeous dress!!!

IKR!!! Not sure how many of you are aware but TopShop closed their stores in the US a few weeks ago and they were literally giving away their merchandise, with up to 75% and on some special items like this, an even bigger discount was applied (Read more about the closing here). When I tried this number on, I prayed to Fashion Gods that the dress would fit and they did not let me down. However, there were two issues; first, the dress did not have a price tag , and second, it was torn at the hem. The latter problem was a non-issue because I knew right away that I could easily fix this with no adverse effects to the dress so I headed over to the register with fingers crossed that I would not have to pay more than $40 for the dress. You can imagine my surprise when the cashier said $10. My mouth fell open and I asked him to repeat to which he confirmed that it was really $10. I left the store making my best attempt at whistling and my new “love” in a black unnamed plastic-grocery-bag (after the announcement, Topshop no longer gave refunds and they ceased using their usual shopping bags). During the weeks that followed, I caught more great deals but none were as sweet as this!

I love a floral dress for the summer and depending on the print, they can even be worn during the colder months. I scoured the internet looking for other similar dresses but none quite matched this one. However, below are a few other florals I would love to get my hands on. Which one is your fave? PS: Shoes are House of CB and Bag is thrifted (added links to some that are similar).

Click photos for links.


  1. GM Gloria this is Cheryl Prescod saw u on your friend’s blog in Barbados for crop over love the dress . I always thrift when I am on holiday .
    please keep me updated on your finds


    1. Hi Cheryl, Thanks for stopping by! I certainly will, luv. I some really nice pieces from Thrift stores, including the black bag I wore with this dress.


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